AirCross Paragliders

U Cruise EVO – EN/LTF B

    designed by Paul Amiell

    U Cruise EVO EN/LTF B

    The new AirCross U Cruise EVO has undergone the most rigorous tests worldwide to fulfill the high European standard. It is categorized as LTF/EN B glider. The outstanding flight behavior will satisfy even high level pilot from the first flight on. We designed the U Cruise EVO with particularly resistant and durable Porcher lightweight material, therefore the glider has a weight of only 4.5 kg (size M with risers). From hobby to competition pilot – this glider will bring pure joy, especially to those, who fancy long distance flights. High speed range as well as high performance data together with the direct and extraordinary easy handling of the U Cruise EVO lead to best results in practice and  a lot of flying fun.

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