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U fly 3 – LTF/EN B


    U fly 3 EN/LTF B

    The Aircross U fly 3 has successfully passed the world’s toughest tests and complies with the European standards LTF 91/09, EN 926-2: 2014 & EN 926-1: 2006. The glider was classified in the LTF / EN B category. The new U fly 3 is a glider designed to meet the needs and requirements of entry-level pilots in the LTF / EN B class after the training.

    The U fly 3 has 47 cells and diagonal bands attached to the main profiles. They distribute the weight perfectly over the entire cap and thus allow a higher strength of the paraglider, which contributes to the inner and out sail are much smoother and thus have less aerodynamic friction losses. The U fly 3 was developed with the latest software that integrates the latest innovations. The profile was chosen because of a higher glide ratio and a better stability. The characteristics of this profile offer a great speed spectrum and excellent flight stability. The U fly 3 incorporates many innovative details. Adding to its aerodynamic profile there is the new profil design, which improves the internal pressure of the glider and thus achieves more power over the entire speed range and when climbing in the thermal.

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