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U fly II – EN/LTF B

    designed by Paul Amiell

    U fly 2 EN/LTF B

    The AirCross U fly 2 provides security and performance. It is the perfect glider for the pilot who wants passive safety but still likes to have enough performance reserves to go on XC.

    Paragliding lets nothing remains static, constant innovation and new ideas are incorporated into the development of new gliders. So also with the U fly2,  the experience and knowledge in recent years of research flowed into the U fly 2.

    A key feature of the U fly 2 are the smaller line diameters obtained by a hybrid line mix. This is not like the U fly 1 exclusively made ​​of Dyneema, but now from both unsheathed Aramid lines and PPSL Dyneema lines. This mix guarantees an even longer line length resistance over the years beneath the advantage of a reduced line drag.

    Another feature is the completely reworked nose profile. Here a new profile was used to make the U fly 2 even more efficient and to achieve a better glide. Now the leading edge is stabilized by rods that sustain the profile perfectly and at the same time help to save weight. Perfectly positioned crossports ensure the lateral ventilation of the individual chambers and accelerate the re-inflation of the glider after a one-sided deflation. The newly developed profile helps the U fly 2 to an even higher stability against turbulences over the entire speed range.

    On request of many U fly 1 pilots, we have redesigned the risers, now we have splitted A-risers which simply allows to make big ears. The U fly 2 can be started very easily, tends not to get stuck still to overshoot.

    In flight, the U fly 2 offers you a high level of passive safety features without having to make compromises in terms of performance, you can use a high speed range, because the trim speed of the U fly 2 is high and the speed system is very effective too. With the U fly 2 in the air you will feel safe and secure immediately with a precise, dynamic but not nervous glider handling.

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    U fly 2 XS Testreport

    U fly 2 S Testreport

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    U fly 2 XL Testreport

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