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U Cross – EN/LTF C

    designed by Gibus

    U Cross EN/LTF C

    Freedom is what motivates xc-pilots; to discover new areas and landscapes, powered by the sun and wind, finding a place where there are no limits. To realise this dream we need the best performance    and with this idea in mind the U Cross was designed – Discover new dimensions in XC flying with a high level of safety, security and fun.

    The U Cross is one of the best-performing 3-line gliders in its class, with excellent climb rates, an outstanding glide ratio and awesome handling . You won´t find any glider in Class C that can turn so tight and flat in small thermals. Marcus King, editor of the Cross Country Mag writes in his review about the U Cross: “This is a real rally car of the skies with what must be the most direct handling in its class, more akin to high-end D wings. It’s the kind of handling that puts a huge smile on your face – I know it did me.”

    It is this very tight, flat thermalling, which is one of the main characteristics that separates the U Cross from the rest of the herd. Marcus King writes: “In thermals it’s easy to keep the wing banked up with only small inputs of the brakes required to keep it in place. The agility of the wing means you can get in close and make the most of even the smallest bubbles of lift. Once centred the wing needs very little attention, allowing you to concentrate on the next move.”

    We designed the U Cross as a pure three line glider, which reduced the line drag by 33 % and then went on to use a hybrid line mix to reduce the drag still further. Record- breaking 76 cells. The U Cross is the most sophisticated three line glider in the EN/LTF C class which guarantees ultimate profile accuracy and performance. We applied the latest technologies to the U Cross, including Rigifoil2, Gibus Arcs 2 and Mini ribs at the trailing edge for a smooth profile and the best performance. Marcus King writes :”top-notch performance”. The U Cross offers you a “high performance” glider which actually has usable performance and it’s this that puts it in a class of it’s own. Performance data that is totally useless in active and or turbulent air just doesn’t mean anything. Discover for yourself what true performance means and don´t be fooled . Trust in your feelings! Test fly the U Cross !

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