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U fly – EN/LTF B

  • designed by Paul Amiell

    U fly EN/LTF B

    The AirCross U Fly combines high performance with outstandingly high passive safety in the LTF / EN B class. Air Touquoise, the certification centre, confirmed this during testing. 86 checks were successfully completed and 83 of them were passed with LTF/EN A, while only 3 were LTF/EN B.

    The U Fly is 96,5% a pure LTF/EN-A glider with outstanding performance. In flight the U Fly delivers an incredible glide and climb rate.

    The launch characteristics of the U Fly are perfectly balanced, particularly for pilots with minimal experience: clear and simple, with no tendency to overshoot. The canopy rises quickly and evenly above the pilot without any great momentum. The U Fly also provides a high and usable speed range. The trim speed is high and the speed system is very effective and easy to use.

    Flying the U Fly means :
    •you will immediately notice an outstanding glide ratio and performance.
    •no stress when you launch; the U Fly is very easy to inflate, even for beginners.
    •no stress when you fly; the U Fly offers extreme high passive safety without making compromises in performance.
    •there is a wide speed range; the trim speed of the U Fly is high and the speed system is very effective.
    •the U Fly is manufactured from innovative, durable and reliable materials.
    •the precise and agile handling of the glider make it a pleasure to fly.

    Test our U Fly, because a test flight says more than words ever can.

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    U fly S Testreport

    U fly M Testreport

    U fly L Testreport

    U fly XL Testreport

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