U Prime – EN/LTF A

  • designed by Paul Amiell

     U Prime EN/LTF A

    Safety First . The U Prime was constructed to make your entry into the world of paragliding as easy and as safe as possible for you. You can trust it 100%, because it offers you a maximum of passive safety and it´s a pleasure to fly from the first moment. The U Prime is the perfect glider for beginners and occasional pilots.

    Easy take off

    The inflation and take-off phase is often considered as difficult and critical but with the U Prime it is so easy. We have worked hard to reduce weight which has resulted in improved inflation characteristics. At 4,5kg (Size S), the U Prime is one of the lightest LTF/EN A gliders on the market. The reduction of weight is achieved by the use of a new light and strong 38 g/m² D20 Dominico material for the top and bottom surfaces in combination with 42 g/m²  D30 material for the leading edge. Nylon rods in the leading edge give the profile the perfect shape and reduce both weight and packing volume. Perfectly positioned Crossports ensure the best possible inflation of the glider. The take-off with the Prime is just pure fun.

    Great flying pleasure with the highest safety margin

    During flight, the U Prime achieves maximum passive safety from the interaction of numerous design features. Nylon rods in the leading edge, perfect positioned cell openings and crossports allow the ideal amount of air movement within the wing resulting in higher canopy stability across the entire speed range as well as in turbulent conditions. After countless tests and comparative flights we achieved the optimum line trim for the U Prime, resulting in great agility  while still damping out swinging.

    One for all

    It may have forgiving characteristics, but the U Prime is much more than a pure beginner glider. Even pilots who have finished their training and would like to fly cross-country with a maximum of passive safety, will really enjoy the U Prime. The complex construction with diagonal V-ribs reduces line drag to a minimum. The outstanding glide and high top speed make the U Prime a serious proposition for cross country flying. The U Prime is truly a glider you can grow into; it’s   the perfect glider while learning but will also take you so much further.

    U Prime – the main features:

    • Extremely easy take-off  and inflation behaviour
    • Maximum passive safety
    • New profile for a high glide ratio
    • Complex construction with V- Rips – leads to less lines and less drag
    • High shape stability caused by Nylon rods in the profile nose
    • Effective speed system for a high max speed
    • High manoeuvrability and simultaneous damping of the swinging
    • ring gather system at the brake – for a precise handling
    • Light canopy due to the use of  38 g/m²  Tissue for the top and bottom surface
    • Longliving – leading edge made of 42 g/m²  D30 Tissue
    • Easy Big-Ears with splitted A risers
    • Dirt-Out openings at the stabilo for the removal of dirt and leaves
    • Extreme low weight and small packing volume

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