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U Sport – EN/LTF D

U Sport – EN/LTF D

The U Sport is the little brother of the U4. Only the aspect ratio of our famous combat machine has been reduced whereas most of the other parameters remain the same.

The wing is a perfect harmony of high performance a nice handling and passive safety for its class. With an aspect ratio of 6,8 the glider is certainly not built for beginner pilots, but just like on the U4, we have applied a very moderate profile to achieve some comfortable flying experiences and also the other details of the glider, such as the long lines and the rigid foil system make the U Sport look great in terms of passive safety.

Just like the U4 all brake lines end in rigging system which makes this glider with a lower aspect ratio very easy in turning. The pressure on the brakes is quite moderate however a stall is, just like on the U4, is announced by the wing tips of the glider in time which also adds to the passive safety of this wing. It is the optimal glider for the experienced cross country pilot or those who want to get into the competition scene.

Der U Sport is delivered in 2 versions. One is the serial glider with homologation the other one is the Full Race version. In contrast to the serial version the full race version is provides of trim risers with a longer acceleration way and Edelrid 8000 competition lines with a UV resistant coating. They need to be changed after 150 hours of flying. The homologated version only has non sheathed lines on the top made out of Dyneema.



U Sport manual

U Sport S certification

U Sport  M certification

U Sport  L certification

U Sport  XL certification

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