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U Sport EVO – EN/LTF D

    • U Sport EVO

    The EVO is a perfect competition glider and high-end cross country glider. It is suitable for the very experienced pilot who flies frequently and wants the highest


    possible performance with LTF/EN D security. The U Sport EVO is designed for all kinds of flying, from ridge soaring to thermalling, but is optimized to go further in cross country or to win competitions. The canopy of the U Sport EVO is made from the newest, highstrengh, specialcoated Porcher Marine-Evolution-Material, which is extraordinary age resistant.

    A special shape for the reinforcements has been introduced and all the air intakes are optimized. The patented Rigifoil System is used to maintain a clean leading edge, especially at high speed. All this improves take-off characteristics, performance and increases the lifetime of the canopy.


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