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Safety notice U Relax

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The brand AirCross, represented by Kontest GmbH, makes the following safety notification for all U Relax harnesses (image 1) with the certification PH162.2016:

In a training for rescue throwing at a paragliding school, the following happened after repeated throwing of the rescue device:

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The sewing of the plastic, which serves as a pin to lock the outer container of the rescue, has become loose and the plastic stick has come loose from the rescue handle (see picture 2). The result was that the split pin opened the outer container only on one side (Fig. 3). The rescue could be thrown with a delay, but after internal attempts at Kontest / AirCross this situation could be reproduced. Following different approaches, Kontest now offers a solution to install a pinch eye in the handle, which must be squeezed onto the plastic in the middle of the handle using flat pliers (no water pump pliers). Installation is relatively easy and takes about 5 minutes. The Kontest GmbH offers to send such eyelets to the customer or alternatively the rescue handle can be sent to the Kontest GmbH for installation .

Without this modification to the rescue handle, the U Relax harnesses cannot be operated with a rescue device in the integrated side container.

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