Are you a dedicated long distent pilot?

You are concidert to be one of the best pilots in your club or area where you fly and you are interested in flying competitions?

We are currently looking for pilots who have fun flying and to work with the AirCross and SOL teams to bring our new high-end EN-B gliders forward.

That our gliders are highly compedetiv has allready been proven (EN-B world record: 446 km through Konrad)!

If you like to take nice photos and/or videos of your flights, plus your name is in the upper third of the DHV-XC, then apply now …

The team willl meat at least twice a year – usually in conjunction with the big events and testivals – to fly, test, chatt and fuse together.

At Kontest, you’ll find everything you need. Gliders (AirCross and SOL), harnesses, reserves, flight electronic and a certified check and repair shop.

Currently, the AirCross U-Cruise and SOL Sycross are waiting to fly very far.

Apply at