Hi! My name is Dirk Weiss and although I literally grew up on an airfield I just started flying 6 years ago. Now I am 50 years old and enjoy paragliding. 1998 I was infected with the paragliding virus during a beginner course. At that time I had to reconsider going on because of my young family and postponed the course. Sailing and windsurfing were slightly more family compatible.

“Stop surfing – go flying” is not only my motto, it can be found on the current T-Shirts from KONTEST 😉

I love cross country flights in our Mountains although I prefer leisure cruise flights, despite the fact that I enjoy any sporting ambition. The flights are getting longer from year to year.

In 1986 I opened a surf/skate/snowboard shop and since then I experienced many different functions in the sports business. Trend, water and outdoor sports have always been in my focus.

I am looking forward in meeting and getting to know the partners from Kontest in the future and to be able to support as “field service South West” in the sale of our products. I am especially excited to develop new sales ideas and to go different ways in marketing to position our products successfully in the market.

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