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My name is Konrad, I am born in Goslar in 1979, and married to Maíra from Brasil. Since 2012 we have a small daughter. I have been raised on a farm and have a master degree in Agriculture Science.

However, flying has always been my passion. This is why I opened a paragliding business besides farming (after I finished my master degree and during my doctor’s degree, which is not finished yet). In the beginning it was just a Paraglider check-and-service workshop until I met Gibus. From him I took over the AirCross brand, to become Paraglider manufacturer, too.

I pull the strings, not only because I am the holder of the company, but also foreign languages are another passion of mine. This enables me to talk to my designers in French and pass the information on to my manufacturer in South Korea and China. Apart from that I care about finances, production and foreign business, if I am not busy sitting on the tractor during harvest or I am on a XC-flight.

AirCross is a young dynamic company, which wants to improve aviation in terms of performance and security through own innovations.

First and foremost I am proud of many people telling me that we manufacture the most beautiful wings on the market. When I fly my wing I cannot object. This is our main goal!

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