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U6 – Competition

Discover the 6th sense with the new U6² – our new pure 2- line competition glider. In 2005 the designer Hervé Corbon alias “Gibus” invented the first flyable 2- line competition glider the “U3²”. In 2010 Gibus designed the U5² with more than 33 % less line meter than the U4 2010. Now in 2011 we come up with the new U6². Due to a few changes we were able to enhance the perfomance by far compared to previous models.

The U6² uses a hybrid line system with the Stabilo, this reduces the total line length to a minimum. With the U6 we released the completely new designed wingtips to decrease the induced drag. With these wingtips we get a much higher projected surface and aspect ratio, this leads to a much better climb and better glide compared to previous models.

With the U6² we decided to use lighter materials, this leads to a much better handling in the air and on the ground. A lighter canopy also climbs better and behaves better in critical situations. In the U6² we use many construction details like the AirCross Arc-System², RigidFoil², Mini rips on the trailing edge, a new designed wingtip with less drag and a great performing and flyable profile which makes the U6² to one of the fastest and best performing gliders in competition.

The U6² is available in 2 standard colour designs: black/white/orange and black/white/green.

U6 video. Special thanks to AirCross Team France.

22.07.2012 – BIG XC – U6 flies 316 km in the middle of France!
To fly over 300 km you don´t have to travel to Africa, Southamerica or Australia. A good pilot and a high performance wing is all you need to fly 316 km in the middle of France.
Gratulations to Franck Arnaud to the 316 km flight with his U6. Take Off Bar-sur-Aube.
Here the link to this great flight.

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