AirCross Gleitschirme

U Double

  • designed by Paul Amiell

    Double U – EN B

    Share the ultimate Feeling! 

    Great flying pleasure combined with maximum safety!

    Double U is also fun flying solo!

     Double U- The most important features

    • Extremely easy inflation and takeoff behaviours as an important argument for tandem gliders
    • High passive safety
    • New profile for a high gliding performance
    • Sophisticated design with V-Ribs reducing line drag
    • High accuracy of profile shape thanks to rigid foil
    • Effektive trim System for a high velocity range
    • High agility with a comfortable pitch and roll dampening behaviour
    • Brake snatch System for precise handling and reduced brake pressure
    • Lightweight canopy due to use of  38 g/m² tissue on top and bottom surface
    • Endurability thanks to the use of 42 g/m² tissue on leading edge
    • Easy big ears via split A-Risers
    • Dirt- Out holes on Stab to take out dirt and leaves
    • Extremely small packaging and weight
    • Innovative AirCross Design

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    U Double test report

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