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U Sport 2 – EN/LTF D

    designed by Gibus

    U Sport 2 – EN/LTF D

    In 2010/11 the U Sport was one of the best selling and most popular gliders in class EN / LTF D. Why? Two main reasons: High passive safety und top performance. And that´s exactly how the new U Sport 2 should be. The competitive thought to fly further, faster and higher has every cross country or competition pilot.

    But if you want more performance your glider often misses passive safety or has a worse handling. Some competition gliders are very difficult to launch or during the flight they have a tendency to deep stall or to spin. With the U Sport 2, we managed to have a maximum performance without major safety or handling losses. Many flights compared with today’s best competition gliders from other manufacturers have shown us the U Sport 2 has no problems to keep up in terms of performance – but with the great safety potential of a 3-Line glider!

    The U Sport 2 offers a very good handling and shows excellent climbing characteristics the U Sport 2 can be turned very tight and flat and shows no tendency to spin or to stall. The new airfoil which is used shows a high true glide ratio in smooth or turbulent air. The best theoretical glide ratio is useless when the glider is hard to handle unsafe or climbs bad. Trust your own senses and you will be amazed what a 3-line glider can do.

    Fly the U Sport 2 and you will feel at home and safe right from the beginning. Its extraordinarily high performance can be easily accessed, making it simple for pilots to realise their dreams!

    The U Sport 2 is completely equipped with aramid lines to avoid the shrinking problems of Dymeema material. The outer wing shape, which was also used on the U6, gives the U Sport 2 a higher projected area and aspect ratio, this also leads to a better climb and glide. With the U Sport 2 we use the latest materials, such as Skytex 32 and 36 gram tissue to keep the weight as low as possible.

    With over 2 years of development, countless test and trim flights. We can say the U Sport 2 has become a worthy successor to the U Sport. The integration of technologies such as Rigifoil, Gibus Arcs 2 and Mini Rips make the U Sport 2 one of the safest and best LTF/EN D class gliders on the market.

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