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Paul Amiell, born November 22, 1940 in Bordeaux, France.
Paraglider pilot since July 1978 paragliding professional designer since 1985.
At the root of many models and inovations for ITV with Michel Leblanc, then alone for E2RA, MCC and now for Aircross.
I was the designer of the traction kites for “Air Evolution” for seven years with many success in competition.
I like sailing,the music and my family. I am playing guitar.

I come In addition to Gibus and Julien to complete the range of paragliding Aircross.
My job is to design paragliders in direction of the beginning of the activity, and for standard pilots. In that case my experience is an asset.
I also bring my knowledge of the world of paragliding I practice since its begining.

For me, Aircross is a company that is based on the image of Gibus work.
Paragliders innovative, high-performance, fun and very safe, very popular in the world of competition.
my goal is to expand the range to the public while maintaining those qualities

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